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Local Boat Dives with Oakville Divers Scuba Shop

Scuba Dive close to home and meet new dive friends. Socialize with other scuba divers and practice safe scuba skills with the Oakville Divers Scuba Pros. The Orkney Isle brings divers to ship wrecks in clean, cool and clear fresh water with up to 150 foot visibility.

Perfect for Advanced and Speciality scuba training and certification with Oakville Divers - dive planning, practice experiences, new gear testing, exploration dives and just feeling better about your safety and skills while scuba diving.

What is there to see?

Our preferred ship wreck is the large Jesse Anne, a 100 ft. x 30 ft. barge resting upright at a depth of 60 ft. to the deck, 70 ft. to the clay, rock bottom.

Other ship wrecks include the 'Jeanette M', 'the Crash and Salvage', 'Tyger 3', and 'Patrol # 25' [Birmingham crane is a private technical certified dive ONLY].

The Orkney Isle dive boat is also available for:

Private dive groups -- Private Scuba Instruction -- Dive Shops -- Scuba diving clubs --

Corporate events -- Lake Cruises -- and ship wreck hunting with our Side Scan Sonar.

Private Dives contact Oakville Divers 905-842-8881

or email info at [deposit of 35% required for booking]

When do we offer recreational boat dives?

Most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer and fall. Check our events calendar or call the shop for dates.

Do I need to book in advance? How do I sign up?

All dives require advanced registration.

The best thing to do is drop by the shop and say hello and meet Robert, Jules and the staff at Oakville Divers Scuba Shop. Dropping by the shop gives you that comfort level of knowing who you are diving with. The next best thing to do is call or visit our event calendar and book your space with a payment Visa or MasterCard. 

Please bring in your divers c-card (divers certification card) and dive logbooks to make sure we have your cert on file for this year's diving. Divers Liability Waivers also need to be signed for EACH dive day (as they are dated, signed, two pages for each days diving). Contact info cover form only needs to be filled once a year and is kept on file for the whole season. Forms can be accessed via our website here.

What about equipment rentals?

Scuba Rentals MADE EASY

'Rob's rules' say 'write the sizes down in your log book' so all future dive rentals will be quick and easy.

* NOTE: Rentals should always be sized and booked in advance. * We do this to ensure the proper fit of all dive rentals for the safety and comfort of all our customers and students. *the following rental prices are for Oakville Divers charters only

What does all this cost?

About the same as a round of golf! (but much less frustrating :)

Dive Cost (2 dives): (boat fee per dive)


Log Book Signing: [for certification dives by Instructor or Dive Master]


Tank Rental (ea): [shop air refills =$10.00 ]

$15.00 per day

BCD Rental:

$20.00 per day

Regulator Rental:

$25.00 per day

Weight Belt Rental: [ 10 kilos of lead]

$10.00 per day

7mm Suit Rental: [hood and gloves]

$30.00 per day

Underwater Dive Light Rental:

$10.00 per day

Full Scuba Rental Pkg:(The Works)

$75.00 per day

Just Scuba Rental: ( tank, reg, bcd )

$50.00 per day

*rental prices are valid only for Oakville Divers charters.

What time do the divers meet?

Divers should meet at the Oakville Divers Scuba Shop minimum at least half an hour before departure time in order to pay balance of dive booking or pick your scuba rental, complete and sign dive waivers, show your c-card and log book. Then off to the Oakville 'Orkney Isle' dive boat and let's load up to go on a scuba diving adventure .

Divers can also come early to set-up on the dive boat after checking in at the dive shop. Relax before the dive, pick your spot and load your scuba diving gear leisurely. Help the other divers make new friends and introduce yourself.

Do you offer PADI Advanced or PADI Specialty certifications? Yes We Do...

Yes we do. We offer all level of instruction up to pro. PADI Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver and Dive Master are offered on a continual basis. We also offer all PADI specialty certifications and recommend you come back for more scuba diving practice. PADI Scuba Diving Specialties offered - Night Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Buoyancy Peak Performance, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Boat Diver, and many more.

Our PADI Certification Dives are conducted weekly in hands on, real life dive conditions in the fresh, clear Open Waters in Lake Ontario, aboard our large fully equipped Custom Dive Boat.

Sign up for our PADI Advanced Diver E-learning Course and save on 5 open water boat dives for $249.00. (online course fee and rentals not included - c-card fee required for advanced cert). Ask our staff for details.

or ...

Sign up for one of our Oakville Divers PADI Specialty elearning Courses and save. Each specialty requires a certain amount of dives for certification. See our scuba training section for details (on line course and or text , c-card extra).

What if it's raining? - [ Does not happen very often ]

We typically go out scuba diving rain or shine. The only exception is lightening, large waves or extreme winds. Dive and Scuba Rental Credit will be offered for dives prepaid that have been canceled. If you are unsure, please call the scuba shop and we will let you know if we are going or not.

Some info about the dive boat:

Our Custom Dive Vessel 'Orkney Isle' has been our dive platform for over 38 years of safe scuba training for thousands of Ontario scuba divers.

Since the invasive species zebra mussels were introduced they have improved Lake Ontario West's underwater visibility. We now operate private local open water scuba, advanced, technical, specialty certifications and scuba dives from Oakville Harbour. Oakville divers was the first dive boat operating in Western Lake Ontario.

The Orkney Isle berth is metres from the front door of our Oakville Divers Scuba Shop with free parking on a 'commercial permit pass' for our guest fun divers under the west side Lakeshore Rd bridge on Francis St near Ship Yard Park. [Lake Shore Rd West and Forsythe St south to Francis Street follow to the Orkney Isle Slip under the Lakeshore Road Bridge.]

The Orkney Isle is fully equipped with Radar, GPS, Medical Oxygen and large First Aid Kits for divers. Dive Entry is steps off the boat's stern to 8 inches from the water and for easy safe entries. Large dive deck, large step platform and ladder, large dive benches for plenty of room to stretch your legs and gear set-up. Our large dive deck gives divers room for all your dive goodies such as underwater photography cameras, underwater video housings, dive boxes, dive bags, lunch coolers, extra scuba tanks, pony tanks and redundant scuba bailout systems, Twin Tank technical rigs, Rebreathers. The Orkney Isle also has a ' washroom ' commonly known as a marine head on board.

Our large solid deck rides the waves in comfort, no wave pounding sore backs, no damaged dive gear. A larger more stable dive vessel and platform for easy entries and exits. Our boat cannot be overloaded with weight so bring all you extra things you may want to dive with.

Oakville Divers' easy boat diving is far superior to shore diving or confined area quarry scuba diving for open water certification dives, scuba specialty dives and general fun diving. Shore or Quarry dives can be difficult getting in and out of the water. Underwater visibility is often very poor and muddy because of farm run off. Parking close may be difficult. You will have to carry the dive gear and heavy weight belt a long way. There can be a long surface swim out and back to reach the shore dive site.

On pond or quarry speciality courses dives don't give you the real open water experience you need diving training.

Oakville Divers has always used dive boats for ease and comfort of our dive students and customers. Boat diving certifications are better for all students as they learn in real life open water dive conditions. Oakville Divers boat dives cause less stress on the diver loading up and getting the dive gear ready, easy entering and exiting the water, no long surface swims. Safe, fun and easy,

How Much Should I tip the Oakville Dive Boat Captain ????

Captain's TIP$$ he says for his tip bring food. Snacks, fruit trays, drinks (non Alcoholic) to share with the other divers. It's a surface interval 'social ice breaker'. Let's make it fun and social on all Oakville Dives dives. It is a great way to meet all the divers on our ship wreck dives.