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PADI® ReActivate™
It’s Time to Get Back in the Water

Been awhile since your last scuba dive? It happens. But, what do you do in a current? What's the signal for "turn the dive"? What are the steps to a predive safety check? What is a predive safety check?

Not sure? No worries. Whether you’ve been dry for a while and need to refresh scuba principles and skills, or you've been diving a lot but want to review the basics, PADI ReActivate is for you.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3:



Watch action-based scenarios.

Download the program to watch realistic dive scenarios. Then, see if you remember how to best handle each situation. ReActivate monitors your responses and moves on when you're spot on, or delivers more detailed information if you weren't quite right.
Cost: $70cdn
(payable to PADI online)


Connect with Oakville Divers.

Dive back into the water with our PADI Professionals to review your inwater scuba skills. Inwater sessions are available Wednesday evenings. 2 sessions are recommended for your ReActivate.
Cost: $149
(payable to Oakville Divers upon pool session registration)
Updated C-Card


Get an updated certification card.

Complete both the ReActivate program and the inwater skills with a PADI Professional and receive a certificate of completion plus a PADI replacement certification card.
Cost: priceless
(cost is included in initial PADI online fee)